Ojhdt Minecraft

A modern Minecraft server with high degrees of freedom

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Huge survival map

Follow the huge survival map of the previous generation server to bring more fun to your exploration and adventure.


Excellent Management team

Handle players' problems in a timely manner and escort a harmonious game environment. Designed to provide you with a good gaming experience.


Rich plugin support

We have installed a series of stable and efficient server plugins that make your game more diverse and protect your resources.

Exquisite yet styled building
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Game features

The game map inherits the three-year survival world from the previous server. One grass and one wood, one brick and one tile, are the masterpieces of the former players, and they are their fond memories. We hope to see a warmth from the heart when you are exploring and taking risks. We look forward to your continued creation. There are several well-known small games built into the server. Hide the cat, the battle bridge, the hunger war, and make your gaming experience more diverse. Built with CatServer, the Alibaba Cloud driver is used to optimize the server in many ways. Say goodbye to Network delay and enjoy the game experience.

Complete plugin support
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The server installs plugins including but not limited to Essentials, GlobalShop, Residence, Luckperms, etc. to protect player property and enhance the gaming experience.。

Here will you have unlimited possibilities
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